The blinds & curtains you choose for your home will play a key role in its interior design. Windows and doors hold a functional as well as aesthetic value. They offer a transition between the outdoors and inside the home. And to a large extent they will control the amount of natural light and air that comes in. We spoke to Sophie from Spectrum Curtains & Blinds who gave us the following tips on installing new blinds & curtains in your home:

Choosing Blinds & Curtains

When people refer to blinds they usually mean horizontal or vertical slated window coverings. Some folks also call them shades. The latter is usually made with fabric. Curtains, or drapes, are window treatments that use flowing fabric.

Often people think that when it comes to their window treatments they have to choose between blinds & curtains. This is not necessarily true. You could also choose to use several window coverings together. This way you would have more control over the light entering the room, as well as the look it achieves. Using blinds & curtains together will help you block out sunlight in the summer season, and keep your rooms cool. In the winter, the same combination would make your home look and feel cozy.

How to Make the Right Choice for Your Home

The interior décor trends for blinds & curtains keep changing. You may wish to peruse a few relevant websites and magazines to identify those that suit your sense of design, as well as your home. It is important that you choose window treatments that you like, and not simply because they are the current trend.

Blinds are usually available in neutral colors. You may also wish to consider those that offer a design. When it comes to curtains, home decoration experts say that you should take a hint from the color of the walls. If the walls are white or cream, the color should ideally be incorporated in the drapes you select. This offers a sense of continuity to the space.
Most rooms have a dominant color scheme, and this is usually reinforced with the window treatments as well as the furnishing and upholstery. You could also settle on a color that compliments the wall color as well as the color scheme in the room.

Solid Colors Vs Patterns

This is an issue that you will need to consider before you are ready to shop for blinds & curtains. While solids colors offer a wonderful background, patterned curtains and blinds add character to the interior décor. If there is a motif that is repeated through the room, you may like to shop for window treatments that feature it.

Proper Installation is Imperative

Whether you choose curtains or blinds, or both, it is important that the window coverings are installed properly. If curtains are hung as close to the ceiling as possible, it will make the room appear larger than it is. You can choose informal or formal style of curtains based on the room they will be hung. For the living room one may like to opt for heavy, pleated drapes. In contrast, patterned cotton or linen drapes may look perfect in the bedroom or guestrooms.